Safety Advice

The organisations responsible for managing the Coast Path have developed these guidelines to help you have a safe walk. Please read and always follow them.

 As well as following the Countryside Code, when you are walking the South West Coast Path remember:

  • Staying safe is your own responsibility - please look after yourself and other members of your group
  • Keep to the path and stay away from cliff edges - please follow advisory signs and waymarks. 
  • Whilst it is tempting to go close to cliff edges to peer over you should stay back from them:
    • as a slip or trip could be fatal
    • some cliffs overhang or are unstable and this is not always obvious
    • take particular care when the grass is short, as when wet it can be very slippery
  • Take special care of children and dogs – please look after them at all times.
  • Dress sensibly for the terrain and weather - wear suitable clothing and footwear and be ready for possible changes in the weather.
  • To enjoy your walk, stay within your fitness level – some sections of the Coast Path can be strenuous and/or remote.
  • In an emergency dial 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard. 

More detailed advice can be found on the full website.


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