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It costs at least £1,000 per year for every mile of this glorious Path to be kept open, safe and clearly signed, we’re asking for your support to help us look after and love the Path. Whether you use it to walk the dog, have family picnics, to escape on holiday for some fresh sea air or enjoy it as a serious walker, if you love it, please help us protect it.

We receive funding from a number of sources and a large portion of this is raised through events, challenges and fundraising, with your support we can continue to make the South West Coast Path the nation’s favourite for generations.

Annual membership is available from less than price of a pasty or a pint per month, please join us.

Individual Membership

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Benefits include:

  • Being a member of the South West Coast Path and helping to conserve this stunning coast line
  • Car sticker
  • 2 newsletters a year (our Autumn Newsletter can be read here)
  • E-newsletters monthly
  • Solo walkers network
  • Offers at the South West Coast Path shop
  • Offers with other retail outlets eg 15% off at Cotswold Outdoor
  • Events and activities throughout the south west

And, we hope, the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping us to protect and conserve this beautiful Path.


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