Summer Strolls

Summer is a great time to explore the coast when wildflowers are in bloom and nature is fully on display, from rare butterflies to basking sharks.

The Coast Path gives access to all that the region’s coastline has to offer and is by far the best way to experience it, away from the crowds. The views are spectacular atop a high cliff or grassy headland and the sense of freedom that we seek from a trip to the seaside is easy to achieve.

One of the joys of walking the Coast Path is stumbling upon a secluded beach and discovering you’ve got it all to yourself. There are a number of sandy bays and secret coves that can only be reached on foot and some of these are revealed in our selection of the best Summer Strolls along the South West Coast Path. Don’t forget to pack a sun hat. 

Here are our favourite summer walks - but you can find many more by using the 'Walk finder' and ticking 'summer'.


South West Coast Path

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